The Modicine® Story

Before surgery, it is important for patients to feel confident in the outcome of their procedure. The last thing on their mind should be any additional stress from feeling overexposed in the operating room. That’s why we created Modicine® PatientWear. Modicine® PatientWear provides patients with additional coverage and peace of mind so they can focus on a successful surgery and recovery. Modicine® PatientWear was developed by Dr. Scott Trenhaile, an orthopedic surgeon and partner at OrthoIllinois, and inspired by his colleague, Jamie Phelps. Jamie, who was due for a much-needed shoulder surgery, feared the possibility of being exposed from the waist up to her boss and coworkers during her operation. Jamie spoke with Dr. Trenhaile about her concern. It was her only hang up about the surgery. She considered wearing a tank top, then a strapless bra to cover herself, but, ultimately, determined that neither option was sterile. On the day of her procedure, she finally settled on an elastic bandage, which eased some of her fears. But Dr. Trenhaile couldn’t forget Jamie’s concern and knew that Jamie was not alone; many patients want to maintain a sense of privacy in the operating room. So he decided to take action. What began as an elastic bandage wrapped around Jamie’s chest quickly evolved into Modicine® PatientWear. The easy-to-use surgical undergarments are designed to make all patients feel safe and secure in the operating room. The Modicine® PatientWear Modesty Bra and Modesty Brief preserve patent’s dignity by providing them with privacy, during and after surgery. Planning for any procedure is stressful. Modicine® PatientWear ensures that patients have the peace of mind they need to feel comfortable in the operating room. No matter the procedure, we have you covered.