Modocine Featured on KECYDT2 – FOX 12 Mankato, MN

by modicine October 24, 2018

Orthopedic surgeon and OrthoIllinois partner Dr. Scott Trenhaile has invented a line of surgical undergarments to provide patients with additional privacy during surgery and office... read more

Modicine Featured on KSDK – St. Louis, MO

by modicine October 23, 2018

When visiting the doctor, most patients wish they could cover up with more than just a paper gown. Especially in the operating room during medical... read more

Modicine Featured on WVVA – Bluefield, WV

by modicine October 22, 2018

Once Dr. Scott Trenhaile of OrthoIllinois became aware of how women can feel uncomfortable during surgical procedures, he set out to develop a product to... read more

Modicine Featured on NBC Local 4 News – Amarillo, TX

by modicine October 21, 2018

Patients no longer have to feel vulnerable or uncomfortable in thin, paper hospital gowns. Thanks to an invention by Dr. Scott Trenhaile, a partner at... read more

Modicine Featured on NBC29 – Charlottesville, NC

by modicine October 20, 2018

Traditional hospital gowns leave patients feeling exposed and uncomfortable; Dr. Scott Trenhaile of OrthoIllinois is changing that. With the invention of Modicine PatientWear, a line... read more

Modicine Featured on KRBS – Abilene, TX

by modicine October 19, 2018

Modicine PatientWear is here to help restore patient dignity before, during and after surgery. The line of surgical garments created by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Scott... read more

Modicine Featured on News Center Maine – Bangor, ME

by modicine October 18, 2018

Dr. Scott Trenhaile, an orthopedic surgeon from Rockford, Illinois, and a partner at OrthoIllinois, has created surgical garments he believes will make patients more comfortable... read more

Modicine Featured on News Center Maine – Portland, ME

by modicine October 17, 2018

Scott Trenhaile, a partner at OrthoIllinois, created a line of surgical undergarment to give patients more privacy during surgery. Modicine PatientWear is a line of... read more

Modicine Featured in Capital Area Women’s Lifestyle Magazine

by modicine October 16, 2018

Michigan-native and Principal and Co-Founder of Graymont Medical, Nathan Gray is bringing modesty to the operating room. With his colleague Dr. Scott Trenhaile, a partner... read more

Modicine Featured on

by modicine October 15, 2018

Patients who want to feel less exposed while in the operating room are now in luck with the launch of Modicine PatientWear. Dr. Scott Trenhaile,... read more