Modicine PatientWear Introduces Surgical Undergarments to Prevent Exposure, Protect Operating Room Patients’ Dignity While Getting Needed Treatment

From surgery to recovery, Modicine PatientWear puts patient comfort and dignity at the forefront.

Modicine PatientWear has announced a new, patient-focused line of high-quality surgical undergarments. Designed with patients in mind, Modicine PatientWear created the patented Modesty Bra and patent-pending Modesty Brief, which offer patients coverage without sacrificing quality care while in surgery.

“Surgery can be very stressful and intimidating for a patient, and the added anxiety of being vulnerable and exposed only adds to the situation,” says Nathan Gray, CEO and founder of Modicine. “That’s why we decided to put the patient first and develop a first-of-its-kind surgical undergarment. We believe that alleviating this concern can better protect a patient’s dignity while getting needed treatment.”

Modicine PatientWear was borne out of necessity. Dr. Scott Trenhaile, a renowned orthopedic surgeon and company advisor, noticed a colleague’s hesitation to undergo shoulder surgery for fear of being exposed on the operating table to the people she worked with every day. He knew there had to be a solution.

The line features a Modesty Bra and Modesty Brief. Created for female shoulder and upper extremity procedures, the Modesty Bra is a comfortable bandeau that is made of a breathable, surgical-grade composite fabric. Men, women, and children will take comfort in the Modesty Brief’s breathable surgical-grade material with an anti-migration band for added security.

“Feeling comfortable in a high-stress environment isn’t gender specific,” said Dr. Trenhaile. “Being able to make someone feel comfortable when they’re under your care is an invaluable part of the doctor-patient relationship. Modicine PatientWear allows everyone in the operating room to feel empowered knowing the patient is comfortable.”

Modicine PatientWear is available for individual purchase or wholesale distribution at

About Modicine PatientWear

Modicine PatientWear provides high-quality surgical undergarments that respect patient privacy during medical procedures — without sacrificing quality of care. Made of durable, surgical-grade material, the Modesty Bra and Modesty Brief were developed by an orthopedic surgeon to make patients feel less exposed and vulnerable in the operating room. Our unique product line is specifically designed with the patient’s dignity in mind — because we believe that the patient experience is key to a successful surgery and recovery. Learn more and see a video at