How Modicine® can help healthcare providers improve patient outcomes

It’s no secret that there is a growing distrust in the medical profession. According to The New York Times, only 34% of Americans trust healthcare providers. That’s no surprise, especially when you read about Larry Nassar, the disgraced former doctor for the American Women’s gymnastics team, sexually abusing hundreds of athletes under the false guise of care. Or when Dr. Windell Boutte, an Atlanta doctor dubbed “Dr. Booty,” films herself singing and dancing in the OR with patients later facing serious post-surgical complications. If you think about the Pennsylvania women who had nude photos taken of her while in surgery, and the other cases of indecency, you can’t help but think about your own modesty while under the knife. With a lack of trust, patient treatment, experience and outcome can suffer. By putting patient privacy first, Modicine® PatientWear can help rebuild and repair the doctor-patient relationship by preserving patient dignity and modesty by providing secure coverage before, during and after surgery.

Modicine’s high-quality surgical undergarments respect patient privacy during medical procedures—without sacrificing quality of care. Made of durable, breathable material, the Modicine® Modesty Bra and Modesty Brief help patients feel less exposed and vulnerable in the operating room.

Why We Created Modicine® PatientWear

Dr. Scott Trenhaile, an orthopedic surgeon and partner at OrthoIllinois, was inspired to create the Modesty Bra after seeing how stressed his coworker Jamie Phelps felt before she was scheduled to go in for much-needed shoulder surgery. Prior to the operation, Jamie spoke with Dr. Trenhaile about her apprehension of being exposed from the waist up in front of her boss and coworkers and came up with the idea of wearing an elastic bandage over her chest. This simple solution allowed for coverage while letting Dr. Trenhaile safely operate on her shoulder. However, there was room for improvement. The bandage loosened and slipped and didn’t provide extended support and coverage for after surgery.

This got Dr. Trenhaile thinking about how to ease patient stress and anxiety about being exposed without impeding access to the surgical site. What began as an elastic bandage quickly evolved into the Modesty Bra, which can be worn pre- and post-op, is easy to apply, and is treated with an antimicrobial spray. After the positive response from patients and healthcare providers, the Modesty Brief, designed for lower extremity procedures, came to life.

The Benefits

In addition to providing patients with privacy, the Modesty Bra and Modesty Brief can reduce a patient’s fears of cross-contamination or post-operative infection. The products are antimicrobial and can reduce a patient’s risk of infection both in the operating room and in recovery. In fact, both the Modesty Bra and Modesty Brief are treated with MicrobeCareTM, a patented antimicrobial technology that kills contaminants on contact. MicrobeCare has a proven 4-log (99.99%) reduction of broad-spectrum microbes, including, MRSA, HIV, E.Coli and C. diff. vegetative state.

Their benefits extend outside of the operating room. The Modesty Bra and Modesty Brief are made of breathable, machine-washable fabric that can be worn at home to ensure privacy throughout the healing process. By providing patients with additional coverage and peace of mind, healthcare providers are working to improve the overall patient experience, which can lead to better patient reviews. Patient satisfaction scores have the potential to raise a hospital or surgical center’s ratings, which can help them obtain cutting-edge technology and services to enhance their offerings.

Improving Patient Care

Patient comfort should never fall by the wayside. To deliver high-quality care, healthcare providers must take into account a patient’s concerns and fears before and after surgery. Modicine® PatientWear can help healthcare providers ease the stress of an upcoming operation by eliminating the possibility of unnecessary exposure in the operating room.

Feeling vulnerable in the operating room isn’t dependant on age or specific to gender. Modicine® PatientWear can be comfortably worn by women, men and children alike. The Modesty Bra is a comfortable bandeau that is specifically designed for shoulder or upper extremity procedures, while the Modesty Brief is equipped with an anti-migration band for added security during lower-body operations.

Not only do our surgical undergarments grant patients peace of mind, but they can also decrease liability and reduce the risk of post-operative infection. Modicine® PatientWear helps healthcare providers puts the patient experience first, ensuring a successful surgery and recovery for any medical procedure. For more information on ordering Modicine® PatientWear, contact us today.